Towelroot App Supported Games For Android 2019

By | May 19, 2019

There are many games that can be played in the Android mobile rooted to Towel Root app. Funny and interesting games help us to pass the time and to kill boredom. These kinds of android games are enjoyed by both the young and the old. You can play the games easily with the aid of Towel Root because it will enhance the performance of your phone. Each and every gaming experience will look brighter now because of the support given by the Towel Root. Here are the lists of amazing games that can be enjoyed in the phones rooted to Towel Root.

Best Android Games For Rooted Devices 2019

1. Cookie cats

The cats are hungry for cookies and the player has to help them eat. The kitties will go to awesome places where they are hunting to find the cookies. This is a cute game that will rob you of many hours. Play this smooth and stress-busting game for free in your android app.

2. War alliance

Are you a lover of action-packed games? If yes this game is the best one for you. It has got various challenges that will give you thrills. The game has as an arsenal of powerful weapons that will help you to cross the levels. Download this action game and play in your rooted android device.


3. Subway surfers

Who are not aware of this famous game? The boy fleeing the police has become quite a household character. Everybody having an android mobile had played the game. Play and play and play subway surfers in your android mobile endlessly. Complete the various missions in this game and win the coins. You can also unlock the special characters and have a jolly time playing the game.


4. Clash of clans

The world of fearless clans fighting against the invaders makes this game really exciting and interesting to play. You can buy the weapons, hire men and wage wars against the enemies in this game. There are a lot of things in the game that makes it really enjoyable. Therefore download the cash of clans and have a pleasurable time.

5. Pocketown

Enter the fantastic world of Pokémon and meet your favourite characters. This game is inspired by the Pokémon saga where the major aspects of their world are displayed in the game. We can literally feel that we are there having a set of Pokémon characters. You have to become the best Pokémon trainer by defeating the rivals. The 3D visual along with the well-known gameplay makes the game the best of games.


6. Princess saloon

If you are more into Barbie’s and dress up, the princess salon is the suitable game for you. The brushing of hair and makeup may seem more for us but not for them. Show your expert makeup and dress up skills in this game. And you know what; there are also green and yellow lipsticks available in the game. You only need to be outrageously fashionable and ready to explore to get fun out of this game. This game is more relaxing and funnier to lighten up your mood.


7. Cooking mama lets cook

There are huge numbers of recipes in the game and you can help the character cook some delicious food. The cooking games are everybody’s favorite. There is no moment of thrill and fear in these games. These games are good for the light-hearted atmosphere. So play the game and enjoy making delicious food like pastries and sweets.


These are some of the android games supported by the Towel Root app. Download the games and enjoy your time.

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